Welcome to the HowweSEEZambia website which has been set up to promote careful debate on the many issues facing Zambia. SEE is a fairly arbitrary acronym but, at the time that the site was set up, there were six broad categories of concern: S for Sustainability and Society; E for Equality and Employment; and E for Education and Effectiveness (of government and its agencies). We will stay with these categories (because they are likely to always have issues that need to be discussed) and any other issues that don’t fall here will be discussed under Zambia – a general page.

Each page should have a search box, to enable you to search past articles by Keyword or Tags.

Each page should have a box of suitable quotes and a box for suitable reading.

You can subscribe to this webpage – to get any new posts e-mailed to you directly. However, you won’t find anywhere where you can post a comment. This was a deliberate decision because the comments section on almost every website (and we know of no exceptions) seem to deteriorate very quickly into immature insults. This “noise” drowns out any opportunity for careful debate.

Yet we really hope that this website, and the articles that are posted on it, WILL provoke some serious challenges, so each page will have a return e-mail address to which you may send your considered opinions. They will ONLY be published if they meet the following criteria:

  1. They must be reasonably well argued, adding to our understanding of the issue, but not longer than 800 words
  2. They must contain your name
  3. They must contain your e-mail address, and
  4. They must contain your cell phone number.

We really believe that only those people who have the courage to put their e-mail address (which WILL be published) have the right to debate an issue. We believe it will also help to ensure that people express their views more carefully – with at least some empathy for the people with whom they might disagree. (The cell number will NOT be published, but will be needed to enable the lead author (of any particular thread that is under discussion) to contact the writers (of supporting/challenging articles) to verify their authenticity.)


It is not sufficient to simply have a debate over a current issue, no matter how erudite and insightful that discussion might be; to make a difference, these debates have got to result in changes in our society. Therefore it is hoped that, once a consensus is formed around a particular topic several people who have taken an interest in that topic will meet with a government official, hopefully at Cabinet level, to try and get that consensus adopted. To prevent too many subjects being discussed at the same time, and so diverting our attention from one subject and then another, we will try not to start any new threads until some of the earlier ones have been concluded.


Let’s REALLY develop this country. Together.

The HowweSEEZambia Team, October 2017

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